Along Stokes Rd

October 1, 2021By T. Charles, himselfT's Log

Hello Everyone! Here’s an old painting and the story about it. One warm, perfectly beaming spring day in May of 2001, I set up my easel and paints under a Kwanzan cherry tree along Stokes Rd in Medford, NJ. It was wonderful to be outside painting. There was just something about the light in the … Read More

Winter Art

December 25, 2018By T. Charles, himselfT's Log

Winter with its long nights and time spent indoors may bring about some inspiration to hit the canvas and sketchbook. We’ll see if there is time.

Two New Sketchbooks

September 21, 2017By T. Charles, himselfT's Log

There was a sale on sketchbooks at a local art supply store so I fell for it and bought two. I didn’t even know I wanted them. I actually did not. There was a hope that these two new sketchbooks might motivate me to be creative again. They did not. Regret set in fast: these … Read More

What To Do With Unwanted Art?

September 12, 2017By T. Charles, himselfT's Log

Today, the Caribbean is wrecked and parts of the United States are destroyed by major hurricanes. Lives are lost and devastated. Homes are blown away along with all the precious possessions they may contain—art included. Also today, I am near Medford, NJ, and I have collected these two framed images from someone’s roadside trash. That’s … Read More

Blank White Wall

August 29, 2017By T. Charles, himselfT's Log

There’s a wall I pass everyday in my home, outside my bedroom. It is a plain white wall, and looks similar to the one shown above. It wouldn’t be hard to have walked 10 feet and taken a picture of it, uploaded it, downloaded it, resized it, adjusted the levels, saved and optimized it for … Read More

I’m Back!

September 6, 2013By T. Charles, himselfT's Log

Hello again! It’s been a while, thanks for checking in. As you can see, I’ve finally discovered some inspiration for a new Website. I can’t wait to make it as good as I imagine it will be. It’ll document a lot of the fun art stuff I’ve done in the last 13 years, and hopefully … Read More