Hi Everybody,

The leaves are down, the nights are long, the Christmas decorations aren’t all up yet, but ideas are forming around the year 2020.

As mentioned elsewhere, there was an idea to revisit an effort I did almost two decades ago called The Scenery Of Medford NJ In The Year 2000.

This idea is now set to leave my imagination and appear in your world.

For this new project, the mission right now is to accomplish 20 paintings of scenes from around Medford, New Jersey.

2020 seems like a good enough reason to do 20 paintings, also since it’s 20 years since the initial idea. It is mainly to do more painting.

I am ready to get busy.

20 canvases at 16″ x 20″, a stash of paints (oils, this time) and fresh brushes are all ready and sites are scoped.

There are a few more canvases ready in case I mess up or outdo myself.

It is ideal to paint on location as I did for most of the original series, but this series may or may not limit that urge.

The studio is set up, two easels stand ready with easy access to supplies.

A few locations are already drawing me in, making January look busy.

I’d like to start now but that would be breaking the rules.

Instead I’ll be working on other efforts outside paint to get them out of the way.

Be advised, there may be nothing to see until it is completely done and presented on this site in 2022 or later.

Happy Holidays,
T. Charles