More Supplies, Some Inspiration, And Still No New Art About Medford NJ

Posted by on Jul 27, 2017

Raw art materials of T. Charles' future works

Well, hello again.

7 months through 2017 and no new art works still except a few half-hearted, unfinished sketches in sketchbooks.

I still can’t fucking believe this trump bullshit and the prevalence of confident stupidity at the highest levels of power in the US and UK.

Here are some art supplies I recently picked up. It is time to upgrade to oils. There’s something about the smell of linseed oil in the paint. Love it.

For what it’s worth, it feels good to type “fuck that racist, sexist, incompetent, insufferable, miserable, megalomaniacal, authoritarian, disingenuous, science-denying, anti-intellectual, war-mongering, apathetic, orange, shit face and all his loyally wrong sycophant supporters, and all that they represent and embolden. And all the disinformation that his idiot minions cling to for their purpose.”

There are a few creative ideas to pursue, but no time to indulge the effort it requires. Maybe landscapes? Portraits?

Republicans and their manipulated gullible masses are more dangerous to the survival of life as we have known it to be for millenia than North Korea, ISIS, Lex Luthor, Klingons, and Dracula combined.

Maybe I should paint some scenes of the New Jersey Pine Barrens?

…We’ll see.

Thanks for looking again,